Side effects of new pool!!!


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Aug 17, 2012
Sunny SoCal
So how do you make people "GO HOME"!!

Had the first unofficial pool party of the season yesterday. Started out as an 11am mothers day brunch. Temps were in the 90's by noon and 102 by 1:30pm. By 2:30, everyone was in the pool having a great time. Last person finally left at 10pm.. lol..

I'm actually joking for the most part, since I had this pool built so we could have everyone over. I just never figured people could hang out for 11 hours. I was so tired by the time we went to bed.

We did figure out how to keep people out of the house... by turning the AC higher than normally comfortable.. lol

We are having our first Official Pool Party on the 25th. We shall see how that goes...