Should we convert?


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May 22, 2008
We just purchased a buried doughboy pool with the Baquacil system. Because the liner needs to be replaced, our pool is currently completely drained. I don't know too much about the pool yet, other than we have a huge sand filter for it (will try to include pictures of everything later from home).

Needless to say, we are starting with brand new water. My husband thinks that the Baquacil is WAY more expensive than reg. Chlorine, but we don't really have any concept of the true difference. Can anyone give me some idea of the cost savings we would have by converting? We don't get really good answers from our pool builder because they are so sold on the Baquacil system.

Also, I am assuming that even though we have new water, that we will need to replace the sand in the filter?

I am reading the threads to gain insight, but haven't found anything yet that addresses this specific scenerio.



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May 25, 2007
I can't quantify the costs for you, but for me, in you situation, I'd go BBB without hesitation.

You are right, good idea to replace the sand while you're at it.


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Apr 2, 2008
Acton Maine
In a word Yes. Lots of people here had issues with baquacil after a couple of years and were paying out the wazo for chemicals to keep it balanced. In the long run you'll be thankfull you went the BBB method.

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Mar 28, 2007
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How much per month did you pay for baqua products?

Many folks 'do BBB' for less than $40 a month.... but it depends on many factors... how large is your pool, how high is your CYA (that determines bleach usage) how high a bather load, etc.

You will DEFINITELY need to change your sand!

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Oct 2, 2007
I will weigh in a tell you that last year we spent over a $1,000. for Baqujunk. My water was horrible. At the end of the season we switched over to BBB- I bought so much bleach-- It was still less than $100.

If I were you starting with new water-- I would run to the bleach bottle. you are so much better off never to start that junk. You don't even have to convert. You are so lucky. Fill that pool and go. (ok change your sand too)



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Jul 10, 2007
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Hi and welcome!

I would suggest just reading through some of the conversion threads. They will give you an idea of why the person is converting. Almost everyone says that they were spending thousands on baquacil and that BBB is so much cheaper. Also everyone complains of the pink slime and mustard algae that shows up after a couple years and makes the pool unusable.

You have it the easiest because you don't have to "convert". You will be starting with a fresh liner and fresh water. Just make sure you change the sand in your filter and check to make sure there are no remenants of bacquacil in it. You don't want to "contaminate" your new water.


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May 22, 2008
Wow! $1000 dollars!!!

I know that they quoted me as follows:

Algistat= 56.98
Sanitizer= 139.98
Shock and Oxidizer= 55.98

The girl at the pool store assured us that this would probably get us through the season.

I guess I should also add that we have the AD or automatic dosing this still bad???



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May 20, 2007
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I expect to spend much less than that for my summer months (seasonal pool) Probably less for the Algistat alone, for everything I'll need with BBB.

In a word, Yes, you should convert.


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Apr 30, 2008
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Mark's Conversion

As a point of reference, take a look through my conversion. We got the pool when we bought the house in 2004, and started with the Baq using the "AD" system that you have. Based on the $$ you quoted for chemicals, it looks like they are recommending "boxes" for use with the AD system (three boxes, one of each chemical). You don't indicate how big your pool is, but I can almost guarantee that those boxes won't make it through the entire summer. In addition, I'm not convinced that (in-spite of) using correct values from the Baq "test strips" that their dosing rates are high enough. First year will be "OK", subsequent years....all bets are off. The pool last year was largely unuseable.

The final straw on the AD system was when the "shock" cycle would not work right. The tube pump (the "dosing" pump) for the shock cycle would hang up about 1/2 way through the cycle and I'd have to reset the system. Several visits by the pool guy, including a call to the factory as I was standing there - resulted in a "gee your'e the first problem of this type we've had". Under-engineered system with lousy technical support = pulled out of my system :evil:

My conversion (bleach alone) cost about $400, and I'm estimating about $80/month in chlorine from this point forward. They have quoted about $200 for the first set of "boxes" which might last ~6weeks or so.

The math and pleasant appearance of the pool favors BBB. If I had a clean pool with a fresh start - no doubt which direction I'd head.

Yes - change the sand. Also, make sure you get as many nooks and crannies clean of goo as you can find - it's amazing the places that stuff hides 8)

my 2c worth


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May 22, 2008
Thanks so much guys.

We changed out our sand....a smelly job, but an easy job. We loaded up on chlorine. I went ahead and bought the pool stores super shock since our pool had been full for three days before we were able to get the pump going.

I'm almost done cleaning up this monster! Thanks so much for your input! This is a GREAT site and I appreciate all the advice and tips so much!


My conversion has thus far cost me under $40 for bleach purchased from Aldi. I purchased about 35 bottles before I started at $0.99 each, and have used them. I went to Walmart and bought CYA, Borax and Baking Soda. Went to HD and bought Muriatic acid. Got a test kit. So maybe $110, half of which was test kit.

I still have to add some chems (CYA and baking soda) and I have a little algae that pops up once in a while so have to add more bleach, but pool looks gorgeous and sparkly. Last Saturday it was a green swamp.



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May 22, 2008
Just wanted to update and tell you guys thanks again!

I am still trying to figure out a few things, but I am looking at some beautiful water in my backyard right now as we speak!

I'm so glad we went ahead and switched. The Baquacil stuff had such a yucky odor!