Should it stay or should it go ???

May 15, 2017
Louisville, Ky.
We purchased our home and this above ground pool was the bonus with it.
It needs work done to it but I cant find the manufacturer listed on it anywhere.
Does anyone know how I can tell ???
It may be beyond saving, ANY advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks ...
May 15, 2017
Louisville, Ky.
we closed and covered pool and when we uncovered the pool was empty and seems the liner may have shrunk since when we started to fill and got about 18 inches of water in and left overnight.. the next morning it had broken free liner coping in places and started pulling liner into pool. you can see that liner began to pull in pool sides as days passed and eventually ripped liner. the sides are buckled and we did nit want to drain, afraid structure would collapse. we think we can replace liner and use new coping (assuming universal) but at least one section of the wall track is bent/pulled inward and we think we will have to know pool brand to replace any track that needs it. also, we do not know if pool sides can be straightened or knocked back out with a rubber mallet or not.
May 15, 2017
Louisville, Ky.
Can someone please help ????
I cant even begin to order any replacement parts until I know the manufacturer ...
I thought this forum would be able to answer some of the questions I had ....
Thanks in advance for ANY advice given ....


TFP Expert
Apr 29, 2016
Quaker Hill, CT
You might be able to get lucky by going to the town and asking if a permit was pulled for the installation of your pool. If there is a permit record it could have info on who installed the pool and possibly what pool it is. If you can find who installed it they might be helpful in locating parts.

I'm not sure how fixable that pool is though. By the time you get all the parts it looks like you need in the photos you are probably close to the cost of a whole pool. At least if you get the same size pool all the site work is already done.