Should I use 5.7% or 6% in Pool Calculator for Bleach + TA


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So I was reading my WM bleach that says 6%, reading further down the label it states that it yields 5.7% chlorine. Should I use 5.7 instead of 6 in PoolCalculator?
I did not run the #'s but I am not sure how signifigant this would be.

Also for TA why would calculator say TA should be 70-90+ for TFP specs and traditional is 80-120.

I had TA of 150 with a PH of 8, so I added acid a few days back and my TA is down to 100 and PH came down to around 7.5. I am just confused about that 90+, I thought TA helped to stop PH bounce, so according to that my TA was fine at 150, though PH was not. Gee I feel like I am throwing terms around like I know what I am talking about.

One thing to note my #'s this week I ran were right in line with Pool Stores Electronic tester for most part, TA was off by 10 where they were a little higher, one drop, so that could be my error or theirs.



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Mar 2, 2011
Re: Should I use 5.7% or 6% in Pool Calculator for Bleach +

You use the % sodium hypochlorite, which is 6 %. The 5.7 % is the available chlorine, measured as Cl2.

The best TA for your pool depends on several factors. If the pH is constantly too high, then your TA is too high, if the pH is constantly too low, then your TA is too low.