Should I remove my Pentair UV system when I add liquid chlorine pump?

Apr 29, 2021
Houston, TX
I built my pool with our new house about two years ago and the pool builder put in a Pentair Bioshield UV system. Fast forward a couple years and I'm going to add a stenner pump and tank for automated LC dosing. My pool gets plenty of natural sunlight, so I don't need additional UV, but is there any value in removing it? Does it hurt to keep it? My equipment setup is in picture below and I'm going to set the stenner pump/tank in the area between the AC unit and my filter and then tie it in to the existing plumbing near the Bioshield unit.

pool equipment.jpg


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May 3, 2014
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Unless you change the bulb on a regular basis it is not doing anything. Just be sure to unplug it so it’s not using electricity.

One thing to consider if you remove it you might be able to sell it.
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