Should I go for a new replacement pump and filter, or fix the old ones?


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Oct 1, 2019
Memphis, TN
Current setup;
Sta-Rite System 3 S7M400 cartridge filter.
Haywood RS1000 pump basket, with an Emerson K63CXEPZ-4767 motor.

The filter top has a crack in it, and the filter cartridges need to be replaced.
I can get a replacement top for about $500, and the cartridges are another $500. I can fit these myself so a total of $1000.
I have had a few quotes, all including install;
Same full filter - $1,680
Jandy 460 - $1,620
Hayward 425 - $1,520
I know replacement cartridges for the Jandy and Hayward are about $200.
Is there any benefit in replacing the full thing rather than just replacing the broken parts?

The pump was leaking between the motor and the basket. I tried taking it apart, cleaning it, and replacing the seals but it still leaked.
I have had a few quotes, including install;
Motor replacement for existing basket - $605
Hayward VS900 - $1,760
Jandy FloPro - $1,620
If I was to replace the motor myself and hope that this fixed the leak, can anyone advise what motor to get?
Is it worth the extra to upgrade to a variable speed pump? How long might it take to pay for itself?

Any advice you could give me would be appreciated.
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