Should I call a pool repairman?


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Aug 9, 2007

Hi! I found this forum accidentally and I can use some advice. I have a 15x30 above ground pool. I recently purchased a light for the pool (The NiteLighter Pool Light). I purchased that one because it said easy installation, just slips underneathe the top rail and hangs from the pool wall with a bracket. I received it today but I didn't realize that I had to remove the top rail in order to hang it on the pool wall.

I removed the plastic cover that goes over where 2 rails meet only to see that the rail cover is screwed down into the vertical support of the pool. Stupid me went ahead and unscrewed the 2 screws so that I can lift the rail to slide this light bracket on. Well needless to say that when I unscrewed the 2nd screw my pool wall moved (my pool is full) from the top, the bottom is intact. I managed to get one of the screws back in to the vertical support but I cannot get the 2nd screw back in (the holes do not line up). Is it ok to leave it like that (with the one screw in instead of 2) or should I call someone to fix this? I put the plastic cover back over where the 2 rails meet (not that it does anything). I'm alittle nervous.

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Do you drain your pool in the off season? If so, I think maybe I would just keep a close eye on it and if there is no other movement, just save the screw and replace it the next time you drain the pool.


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Apr 2, 2007
Do it when you lower the water for the winter - less pressure on the wall, or call in some helping hands like a neighbour, one can push on the wall using a piece of plywood to disperse the pressure so the wall doesn't crease or bend, while the other gets the screw into place.