Should I be running the pump?

Hey everyone. Another new pool owner here with more noob questions. We just had our 16k gallon gunite/white plaster pool filled the other day. It sat for about 24 hours after it was filled until the PB showed up. They vaccumed it, and ran the pump for about an hour or so, then turned everything off and cleaned the filters (cartridge). They then added about 4 gallons of muratic acid, and instructed me to brush the plaster 2 times a day until they come back next week (around wednesday). From reading around this forum and others, I've heard alot about the importance of running the pump for the first 24 hours. So should we be? The PB seemed to think that the amount of acid that they added may damage the metal inside the pump (no heater), but I dont want to end up with algae or something else in the water. We also have a SWCG that hasent been turned on yet. I would appreciate any input. Thanks in advance.