Should I be concerned


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Aug 21, 2010
I have a pool shell (just the shotcrete) and we had some rain recently. Water was leaking in around one of the light niches. Should I be concerned or will the plaster take care of this? I'm a worrier so just something that has been keeping me up at night. Thanks.


No worries. Can you see a physical hole in the shotcrete, or is it just weeping in through the material? If it is a hole, just mention it to the PB and it is an easy "fix".

Either way, it is nothing to worry about. The plaster will stop it.


They should have "dished out" around the niche for the plasterers to fill in and waterproof. They also should have left a pretty good sized hole in the deep end of the pool for the ground water, if any, to come up. The plaster company fills that also, so they are used to this kind of stuff.

Better safe than sorry, so good question though :goodjob:

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