Should I be concerned with this?


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Aug 2, 2007
Northeastern Ohio
I bought a house with an inground pool last november, and I am a first time pool owner.

According to public record, the pool was built in 1969. I have no records indicating what, if any, maintenance or repairs have been done to the pool. The perimeter of the pool seems to be pulling away from the concrete surrounding the pool.

Should I be concerned with this?
Is there anything I should be looking for as a result of this?
If it needs to be fixed, how would I go about this?

There doesn't seem to be any cracks in the pool walls and the gap is pretty consistent around the entire pool perimeter.

I have another problem that I posted in another topic, so please forgive the duplicate information. I just figured it would be less confusing that way.





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May 8, 2007
Katy, TX
I believe that is just the mastic getting old/shrinking/drying up. Especially since you say it is uniform around the perimeter of the pool. Mastic is a commonly used material that is placed in the crack between the pool and deck.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Yeah, that's a pretty common problem. Pool walls and pool decking are intentionally poured seperately from one another and so they move seperately over time.

Backer rod and polyurethane caulk are required to do a nice job at that gap. If you're not fimiliar with those, post back for more explanation.


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Jul 24, 2007
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Originally, I wanted the look of a concrete deck seamlessly flowing over the beam without any joints. My PB recommend against it because the decking will sink some over time while the pool wall will not and it will result in a nasty crack. Having a joint as you do allows the decking to move around without any damage to the decking. As suggested already, just fill in the cracks with something flexible.