Should I Add Chlorine to a Non-Circulating Pool

May 27, 2020
South Central Pa
So we opened our pool and it's full of algae, but less so than other years, which is great because last year was the first year we took over testing and chemicals on our own. Unfortunately the electrical cord to our pump is chewed and our pool opening company won't start the pump for fear it will get fried, so we need an electrician to replace the cord before we can start the water circulating. Right now the lines are still closed and the pump is off. However! The cover is off and the water is sitting in the sun all day full of algae. I was just out there skimming and brushing (because all the stuff isn't going into the skimmers).

So...should I dump some liquid chlorine in there while I brush, or should I wait a week or 10 days until we've got the electrician out and everything restarted? Would it HURT anything? Would it just sit there? Would the algae all die and then we'd have no way to get it out because no circulation? There is currently zero FC in the pool and the pH is off the charts high.


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Jun 16, 2019
Dump away and mix it up with your pool brush. Chlorine is heavier than water so some will puddle on the bottom if you just dump it in. But it also disperses pretty well so give it a minute and brush away. Give that a minute and do it again. :) Repeat twice daily or as many times as it’s convenient. With algae you may go through the FC quickly.

once the pump is running, SLAM Process away.
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