should cover be removed during use?

Apr 3, 2017
redding, Ca
My husband uses the hot tub every morning. What concerns me is that he doesn't remove the cover completely. He simply folds it in half exposing half of the tub and uses it that way. What concerns if any should I have about this? Thank-you

Steve H

Bronze Supporter
Oct 26, 2016
Lake Havasu City, AZ
The cover should be of no concern but you do need to run your chemical tests daily to ensure proper levels, with daily use they will need to be monitored if you're not doing that already.


TFP Guide
Apr 12, 2016
Tucson, AZ
For adults - no problem. You have to assume that they are smart enough not to try and swim around under the cover. When I'm just going to sit on the steps by myself for a while after work with a frosty beverage, I usually just fold the pool cover back a bit and have a seat - no need to take it all the way off.

For kids, I always completely remove the cover from both the pool/spa - the possibility of a child slipping or otherwise swimming under it and becoming trapped is pretty good.