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May 11, 2010
Dallas TX
A couple weeks back I noticed a lack of pool pump humming - upon investigation, the timer was calling, voltage was present, but no pumping!

I took it apart and found this bushing had worn out, fell into 2 pieces, and jammed together, stopping the pump from rotating. It is placed in between the plastic rotor & stator parts of the pump. I put it all back together, bushingless, and it's been running fine since.

Do I need to replace? can i get away without it? the pump is working well, no notieable change in pressures, and no odd noises.

I assume worst case, the rotor/stator will be less stable and may wear on each other or cause damage to seals/bearings.

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Jun 22, 2009
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I can't tell from your photo where it came from so I don't know what damage you could be doing by running without it, but, they didn't put it in there for looks. I'd say, if you value that pump I'd suggest replacing it.
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