Shock first? Or raise alkalinity?


Jun 3, 2010
Hi. I've almost got everything in order. I'm still reading CC 1.5 so from what I've read I need to shock the pool. Do I do this first? My pH and TA is reading a little low so I was going to add baking soda to the skimmer to raise it. Also, what is bromax for? Do I need to add some to the pool? My readings this evening were FC 7
CC 1.5
TA 60
pH 7.0ish(still hard for me to read)
I didn't test CYA. Thanks!


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May 20, 2007
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Borax raises PH. I would leave your PH and TA alone for now, test your CYA and once you know that you can shock the pool. Read How to Shock Your Pool in Pool School - you can't shock properly if you don't know the CYA level.


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Feb 8, 2009
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Anytime you add the baking soda just add it into the deep end of the pool while the filter is on.
Bring your cya up to the correct level, shock, and then balance the ph & alk.

I dnt use borates, but i thought you guys added it to prevent algea not bring up the ph??


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20 Mule Team Borax is the correct additive when you want to raise pH but leave the TA virtually unmoved.

It is also used in conjunction with muriatic acid when you want to add borates to your pool water.

These two procedures accomplish different objectives.


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Nov 18, 2009
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Heckpools said:
I dnt use borates, but i thought you guys added it to prevent algea not bring up the ph??
The many uses of that modern wonder that is borax...I actually use it in my laundry too. Imagine that!
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