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Apr 25, 2020
our pool is approx 100k gallons with a small island in the middle.
the water flow pushes the water in a counter clockwise direction.
in the winter, we let it go natural, and in the summer we drain, clean, repair, etc.
we are using a single pump with a huge sand filter and 2x large chlorine tab feeders.

water to and from pool are run via' 1 1/2" flex tubing.

this spring i purchased a new vf pump w/2" in and out and up-sizing all the plumbing to 2" in both directions. via sch40 with only the last 5ft of pipe entering the pool being flex.

the heat source for the pool is basically.. black bottom. (70% of the pool is approx 5ft deep)

I do all the maintenance on this, and have been for the past 10 years. sometimes its great, sometimes its a battle.
I have been shocking the pool on Fridays, in the morning
after research, I seem to have found that shocking in the night is a more efficient and effective use of the chemical, but im not there after dark, so my question is..

CAN I SHOCK a Pre determined amount via' feeder and timer, so it shocks at 11pm?

we do a lot of irrigation, and have a large surplus of electric valves from 1" - 2 1/2", and out sprinkler timer is right there by the pump assembly.

I thought I could add a feeder, put it on a timer. as long as at no point the shock line touches the clorine fed line.
am I correct?

not the greatest picture, but. you kind of get the idea..



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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Hiya Scamps! Welcome! That is one cool pool :)

We don't believe in routine "shocking".....our TFP method is to only add the chemicals that our owner testing show as being needed, not just some because the pool store said to (cha ching$!)

Your use of pucks works for you I imagine because you drain yearly. Otherwise your CYA stabilizer level would get to be astronomical and you'd be having algae outbreaks.

Have you considered using a liquid chlorine injection system instead? Buying bulk liquid chlorine is probably much cheaper.

Fast read --> ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry

Fast view -->

Would love to hear more about this monster pool and see more pics.

Maddie :flower:
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