sheer descent trickles when off


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Jan 30, 2018
Los angeles/CA
Has anyone had the issue where you turn the pump to your descent off, but water continues to trickle out? I think for some reason it's draining from the pipe and gravity is working it's magic, but my pump is at the same height as the fountain so not sure why the water would continue to run (albeit super slowly)... any advice? can you run the pump backwards to unprime the lines- which would also prevent mildew and bio growth when not in use?



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Dec 24, 2012
Manassas Park, VA

Is this connected to the rest of the equipment and plumbing? If it is it is possible there is an issue with the spider gasket in the multiport valve. If there is an issue water could be directed to all the lines. One way to tell is if there is any water flowing from the waste port when the filter is not switched to waste.

I could be way off base here but when my waterfall had a small amount of water coming out of it when not in use this was the cause.