Sharing my Intex Easy Set winterizing - hoping all goes well


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Sep 25, 2020
St. Peter’s, MO
Would love to hear from any others who have left their Easy Set pools up all winter. Decided we had no options other than winterizing this year....for one we went a little crazy during Covid spring and built a little permanent type custom deck for this silly little 18’ pool so it would be impossible for same exact placement if taken down. I am posting some of what I did in case anyone else out there decides to go this route. I lowered the water to about 8” below the lowest inlet hole. It helped to have older leftover pool parts which I used to help seal the 2 inlet holes and 1 outlet hole. I used 1.25”-1.5” type B hose adapters and inserted them from the outside over the 2 inlet fittings with strainer connector parts from the old pool inserted. For the outlet hole I attached the strainer connector from a previous pool. I then purchased 3 threaded caps that fit all 3 to close all of them. I opted to use the older plastic parts to seal the pool holes in case there is damage from freezing. Placing some pool noodles just outside the blowup ring under the top fold of the lowered pool. (Trick I learned from my brother when his ring leaked from holes.) Placed 3 75% blown up pillows tied together in the center then covered with the Intex cover. There seems to be a lot of back and forth on using the pillows as well as the cover so I guess I’ll see how this goes. Attaching photos of the fittings with adapters and caps that I used. Really hoping this works...or I will have a good-for-nothing useless wood deck