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Aug 7, 2017
Wilmington ohio
For the past three years we have had great luck with our current liquid chlorine setup using a Stenner Pump with an Intermatic Timer. Every year I try to research something new about the pump and read about other people's setup in an effort to make my setup better and last longer. One thing I am interested in learning about is peoples choice in dosing all their chlorine once per day or multiple times per day. Currently we use the 45M series adjustable pump. We have a #1 tube (smallest diameter) and dose for 50 min every four hours. We use about 100 gallons of chlorine from May 1- October 15ish. When we first set this up we wanted to maintain a constant level versus dose heavy once per day and have it burn off. This was just a choice by us and I'm not sure if it is the best option and I'm sure it's not the most efficient but it seems to work great for us. By doing this we maintain 2-3ppm all day everyday throughout the summer. The reason we went with the #1 tube is because we were told that when you have the adjustable pump if you run it anywhere from 1-9 you can wear the "plate" out faster. Every time it clicks on or off it wears the plate out. We probably could have saved money and just got a single speed pump and adjusted the dosing via our timer or tube size but we didn't. We replace our #1 tube every year and use the black UV tubing, which we haven't had to replace. Every year when we close the pool I clean the black tubing and let it soak in Simple Green and CLR and it seems to clean it up great. This will be the first year I perform more in-depth annual maintenance. I ordered the maintenance kit that comes with new fittings and rollers, not because I noticed ours wasn't performing well but because I want it to work well for a long time. Our pump is mounted outside with the rain roof. We installed the rain "sock" but it kept overheating the pump so we took it off. With the rain roof only we haven't had any issues with rain or weather. This year we will be adding a second pump for our acid. It will be on a separate timer and run at different times. I haven't done the calculations yet to determine how often it will run but I can't imagine it will be very often. I just got tired of handling muriatic acid and the gas cloud it lets off and wanted to automate it. If you have any tips, tricks, or general knowledge I'd be interested to hear.


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Jul 21, 2013
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Guess no one has tricks to share. Let's see if anyone has ideas this weekend.

Vegas Mike

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Mar 30, 2019
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On my current house and pool, I use a SWG. But I found I'll need to set up a pump again for winter when water is below 50F and the SWG doesn't work. I don't heat the pool in winter, so need this from December to March.

On my previous pool, I used a Stenner 45 fixed-output for chlorine with the #2 tube and ran it just once per day for about 18 minutes, with the time varying depending on conditions and FC results. The pump output 1.4 oz/min and I was using 6% bleach. I used a Z-Wave controlled outlet to run the pump. I set the 3-gallon chlorine sump in the ground to keep it cooler, and slow degradation. This November I'll use one of the Pentair EasyTouch relay outputs to run the Stenner pump. No good place to put the injection port in the piping, so probably will just string tubing and discharge directly into the pool. Instead of using a sump, I'm thinking I'll just put the suction side line directly in the chlorine jug.


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Dec 26, 2019
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I have the single speed pump with a #2 tube and a 15 gallon stenner tanks. I have measured the output a few times and it seems to pump out about 1.1 oz/min. I have it hooked up to my Easytouch which allows me to change the pump time from my iPhone and makes life so easy. My pool sits In Direct sunlight from Sunrise to sunset and I a currently have it set to come on for 25 mins, 3 times a day at 7am, 11am and 3pm. The current daily temps are 90-95F and the water temp today was 91F. This give me a pretty consistent chlorine level throughout the day although I am planning on experimenting with reducing the time in the morning when it is cooler and the sun is lower to see if I can save some chlorine. Any advice on timing would be appreciated.
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May 9, 2021
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We replace our #1 tube every year
I will hopefully be ordering a Stenner tank/pump system later this week for liquid chlorine dosing on our pool, so I have been researching Stenner information a lot lately.

And per my phone call with a support person at Stenner yesterday to confirm what I will want to order, he said that you may even need to change the tube more often than once/year. He suggested that you can "feel" it to insure that it remains pliable, and if it starts getting stiff you should replace it. You NEVER want it to tear for the very obvious reasons of flooding whatever is near by with liquid chlorine, or even worse MA for those dosing acid!

He also said make sure it could not possibly start while you are squeezing the tube :). Sounds like a duh to me, but better safe than sorry!
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