Share your Pool floatie pics!!


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My next project for 3D Design is to make a body part and relate it to something in your life. I'm making a sculpture of my leg and foot, then breaking it at the ankle, to represent my broken ankle. I want to connect it to the pool by painting the sculpture with pool floatie designs and colors. I'll also include pages from the calendar to signify the lost time this summer because of the broken ankle.

So if y'all will post pics of your gaudiest floaties for me to use, I'd really appreciate it. I'll either paint the pattern on the sculpture, or paint a copy of the floatie on it along with other floaties. It will be approximately life size.

Yes, pics will follow!

Oh, and I got a 100% on the mini-pool! My professor loved it!
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Jun 1, 2018
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There’s lots of floatie pics in this thread
Good luck on your project 😊
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