Shallow end skimmer less suction than deep end?


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Aug 4, 2015
Boston, MA
Hello all,

When I look at the deep end skimmer the water looks like its sort of pushing flowing into the skimmer in a good fashion. The shallow end I can feel the suction in the inlet when I take out the basket but I only see a small swirling of water above it and seems very different than the deep end. Any ideas what I can try as I tried using a bladder and blowing it out but it wont stay in the hole once I turn the hose on so it blew out a little but not too much. Maybe it is normal so I should not worry as I feel the suction but just seems to not be as efficient as the deep end skimmer. The deep end skimmer line is closer to the pump as well so maybe that makes a difference as well.

Thanks all.


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May 3, 2014
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A shorter run from skimmer to pump will lead to greater flow in that line.

Adjust your valving at the suction side of the pump if you wish to have more suction from the skimmer farther away.