Setup Questions


Jun 5, 2016
Brodhead, WI
We previously had a 16x48 intex pool (5,062 gals) that I got tired of having to patch all the time, so last year we went without a pool.
Last fall I picked up a colemen 22x52 (10,688 gals) at a good clearance price and I finally got around to filling it with water.
Here are my questions:
1. Should I use the filter pump that came with it or will my existing intex sand filter pump be better?
Sand pump is SF15110 for up to 12,000 gal pools, 1/2 HP produces 1,600 gal per hour flow rate
Filter pump says FlowClear on the side and is type B filter with 2,500 gal per hour flow rate

2. Should I use my SWG or go the bleach/chlorine route?
My SWG is Intex 8110 and looks like it can handle a 10,688 gallon pool


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
I don't understand what equipment came with your Coleman versus your old Intex stuff. I think just about any equipment is better then Intex stuff.