setting timer on two speed pump


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Apr 20, 2017
I have a century two speed 1.5/.25hp pump for a 20,000 salt chlorine generated pool. I use a tigershark automated vacuum for three hours in the morning. What time of day,what hp and how long do I need to run the pump?


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Dec 22, 2016
Arlington, Texas
This is a very personalized question as every pool and pool owner are different. You are basically running the pump for 2 reasons (since you have a robot). Generate chlorine and skimming. Read this article Pool School - Determine Pump Run Time

Now, that being said, I will share what I do. My SWG is hooked up to my low speed. I start the morning off with 30 min of high speed to get some quick skimming action. Then run low speed(and SWG) for 10 hours during daylight. I finish off with 45 minutes of high speed in the evening for better skimming. By running my SWG for 10 hours, I keep the percentage pretty low 20% or so. Some people run their pump 24/7. It's all about what your specific pool needs and what you are willing to pay for. My low speed costs next to nothing running 10 hours a day.