setting my pool in the ground


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May 6, 2008
Hi again peeps

i want to sink my pool in the ground about 2', if i do this, what is to stop the water getting under the pool, or the hole in the ground filling with water.

At the moment i have a 15' intex, i believe i would have to get a 15' Doughboy if i want to sink it in the ground, is this right?

i have to stay with the 15' Dia because i have decked around the pool i have at the moment



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May 6, 2008
sorry guys and gals, iv just read this thread

DoughBoy Pools - Can they really go in the ground?

<walks off sulking, thinking what else can i post about>


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Jul 8, 2007
Southern MN
I don't see it being a problem, but if your pool is in a low spot with a lot of run off or you have a high water table then there might be trouble.


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Mar 28, 2007
Morris, IL
The hole filling with water is really going to depend on the type of soil that you have. Is it sandy soil, rocky, or is it clay. If it is clay what sort of clay is it? Is it a dry hard clay, or a malleable moist clay? You see, there is no good answer to that. But, if you do it, putting a well point in the ground someplace close would be a good idea. I always liked to get my well points AT LEAST 2 feet deeper than what you want to work on. I used like a 10 inch pipe, something you could throw a 3 inch electric pump down into. I think that an 8 inch pipe will fit a 2" electric pump, but if someone knocked rocks in there it was stuck.

So, can you bury a pool, from what I have seen debated back and forth the answer is yes. You can bury it, up to half of its depth. Is there a way to dig the hole, and lay a drain tile around it, then trench it someplace to drain? Keeping the dirt from getting super saturated and pushing the sides in is a key issue here.

Find out what the water table is in your area.


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May 22, 2008
My doughboy pool is completely in the ground (minus the 6 or so inches that have to stay above ground). We DO live near a high water table and I have had issues with my liner "floating". The situation was remedied just recently when they installed a sub pump under mine that can flow out to waste using the pump.

Of course, I don't have the regular set up. My pool sits on a concrete slab and the walls are reinforced with concrete somehow.


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Jul 23, 2008
Wylie, Texas
We just had a 32x16 Doughboy buried 3' with a 7' deep end (May 2008). Just a couple of weeks after the install, when we still had fresh dirt around the pool, we had a torrential downpour in the Dallas/FW, Texas area, with some nasty flooding. We hadn't had time to build up the dirt mound around our pool, to allow for natural and rain-induced sinking, so by the time the rain stopped, we had a MOAT around our pool. It did fine and we PROMPTLY did the dirt mound build up as soon as our dirt pile dried up enough!~ It's been about 6 weeks now and we need to add just one more round of dirt around the perimeter to make sure the rainwater flows away from the pool. (after the dirt got wet enough, it packed snugly up to the wall and around the buttresses and filled in. We have the crummy dry clay, btw!

In my inexperienced opinion, it seems that if you make sure your dirt has compacted nicely around the perimeter with a slope going away from your pool, you should be fine, until you decide what you're going to put around your pool, albeit a deck or rocks, etc. And any decking you would add around your pool, hence, over the dirt build-up, would help keep it packed around your pool. Our installer just kept saying, over and over....NEVER DRAIN THIS POOL!