Separate pump/filter for a wall waterfall


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Feb 13, 2021
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Greetings all.
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This is my first post as a newbie.

I have a 9 by 3 sq.m. pool that is 45cm above ground and has an infinity waterfall at the front 3m edge.
The water then fall into a small pool (3 by 3 sq.m.) at ground level, which has an overflow channel from 3 sides (9 m total length).
There is also a 3.5 by 1 by 2 cu.m. balancing tank right next to the large pool.
The pump/filter is located in a technical room that is 7 to 10 m far from the balancing tank and both pools.
My pool contractor is suggesting to have a 2 HP Pentair SuperFlo (220 V) with 30" sand filter (side head).

Now, I would like to also add wall waterfall (5 by 5 sq.m.) that is separate from the pool but only 2 to 3 m away from the balancing tank. I only want a smooth, quite streamline waterfall but evenly distributed.

My main question is: do I need a separate pump/filter for the waterfall? Can I leverage my pool pump/filter system for the waterfall as well? Do I need to change the pump for this setup?

Other questions:
1- Do I actually need a filter for my waterfall, considering the harsh weather where I live? What kind of filter?
2- What kind of pump do I need for the waterfall if I am going with a dedicated pump? Is a submersible pump a good choice?
3- Do you prefer to setup the inlets of returned water in the pool's ground or at the shallower areas of my pool's walls? What are the advantages/disadvantages for both setup?

Thank you in advance!
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Jul 17, 2019
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Do you know the model of waterfall that you will be getting? I'm guessing it will be a sheer descent type. Once you have that, and how many, the experts can tell you what you need pump wise and if they require a filter.


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Jul 7, 2014
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The type of waterfall will decide if you need filtered water or not.. Most sheers need filtered water because of the narrow slots. If you have an open waterfall, where the water overflows some type of bowl, then you most likely do not need the extra filter.


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Feb 13, 2021
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I am not sure what the waterfall type/model is. The water will fall smoothly on a 3m height wall without splash or water arc. What do you call this waterfall type?


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Feb 13, 2021
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I know the capacity of my overflow balancing tank should be 6cu.m. Now, how deep/shallow can I make it? Is it OK if I make it 1m deep with 3m length and 2m width?

Note: the balancing tank is right next to the pool and overflow channels.