Semi-inground closing - what to do with skimmer


Aug 5, 2020
I've closed inground pools for probably 20+ years. Blown out the lines, capped at the return, blow out the drain until it bubbles and shut it off at the valve, blow out the skimmer and insert a gizmo with a plug in the top. Then would pour antifreeze in the return lines and skimmer line for good measure.

Now I have a semi-inground Radiant Metric with buried plumbing to a Hayward sand filter approximately 30 feet away and a standard inground self-priming pump. I'm OK with what to do regarding the returns, and can handle blowing out the skimmer line. My question is, what to do with any water that could (will) make its way into the skimmer once the water level is lowered? Can I close off the hole in the skimmer lid by wrapping the lid in a bag? Should I use a gizmo still? Would a skimmer cover be a good investment?

Pool is located in south western OH here, by the way. 27' Radiant Metric buried ~30" in the ground.

Thanks in advance!


TFP Guide
Jun 16, 2019
Hey Kj and belated Welcome !! If the skimmer mouth is going to be open and not plugged with a skimmer plug thingy, use the gizmo and fill the rest of the skimmer and mouth with cut up pool noodles. Position or tape them together so they can’t float out of it fills with water. Fashion a cover for the outside of the skimmer. I’ll be closing a semi inground if we ever get to move (separate rant) and I’ll use a piece of an old solar cover and gorilla tape to keep the water out. A contractor bag folded over a few times would work fine too. Or whatever you can scrounge up.