"Semi-Closing" pool - what chemicals / pH etc?


Aug 13, 2007
Cyprus, Europe

I live in Cyprus (Europe) where the temperature never gets below about 7deg.C (45deg.F). My pool is now too cold to swim in, so I guess it's time to close it.

I've read most of the other posts regarding closing, but they all seem to either suggest draining the pipes to avoid freezing (not a problem here) or leaving the pool 'open' if you live in a warm climate. I want to cover it for the winter to keep dust and debris out and not to have to sweep/vacuum it regularly. It's an in-ground 45,000 litre (12,000 US Gal) vinyl-lined chlorine pool (I've got a SWG but haven't got round to fitting it yet :oops: ). So I'm intending to 'semi-close' it...but it's my first year as a pool owner and I don't really know what I should do, eg:

• What chlorine / pH levels should I aim for? How often will I have to check the levels or is it safe to assume I can just forget about checking until spring?

• Can I leave the pump switched off for the whole winter or should I run it for a few hours every week to keep everything moving? I guess running the pump will disturb the cover; I've only got a cheapy one that sits on the top and is held in place by water pillow-things.

• What water level should I aim for? Or just keep it at a normal level?

.....or I could just put my wet-suit on and keep on swimming!!! :-D



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Apr 1, 2007
Sebring, Florida
Hi, Paul,

Other pool owners in your area would be a good resource....find out what most of them do.

However, from what you describe, I wouldn't hesitate to keep the pool open all year round. It will require just a little maintenance to keep it looking nice and you'll be all set when swim season comes around....which, I assume, will not be too far off in your warm climate.


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May 7, 2007
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It really depends on the water temperature. When the water gets cold enough, consistantly below 60 degrees F, you can add some algecide, cover it, turn everything off, and just ignore it. For most people in that climate that isn't enough of the year to be worth the effort of putting on and taking off the cover.