Sell space


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Mar 29, 2007
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I know that TFP is trying to gain more revenue.

To that end I wonder if it's possible/ feasible to sell more upload space or PM space.

I'm just about to donate $ to help support the site and it occurred to me that I'd be willing to buy more space in my PM inbox (I hate to delete posts and transferring them to an unorganized 'word' document is messy) I also have asked that folks will PM me during my busy times on posts/ questions I might miss, that might require my attention - so my inbox fills up pretty quickly :cool:

I know some folks love to post pics (or need to post bunch of pics to show us their problems/ issues - if the upload space was 'buyable' , they could purchase the extra room they need.

Again, I have no clue as to the feasibility of this nor if it's something other users would desire enough to pay for.


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May 7, 2007
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There are some possibilities here. Supporters already get a substantial increase in the amount of attachment storage they can use. I'll have to look through the forum configuration and see what kinds of options it offers for PM box sizes.