Seemingly healthy pool but ph/ta question....


May 8, 2020
Belle Chasse, LA
We are a few weeks into our first summer with our 15'x48" intex easy set pool. So far so good... we think. The water looks and feels good. We consistently add about 3 cups of liquid chlorine each day per pool math and all seems well. However, our ph as per our daily test is always at about 7.3 but when we factor in our 110 TA reading into Pool Math it suggests adding 4 oz. of soda to raise ph.

Two questions:

I typically feel that the enemy of good at times is "better". I am hesitant to add the soda since our consistent 7.3ph number seems only borderline low and our pool seems healthy. Do I run the risk of messing up a good thing by adding soda?

Also, our 110 TA reading is considered high for our pool size per pool math(recommends 50-90). However, the TFtest kits cheat sheet that comes with our TF-1000 says that 100-120 readings are healthy for manually chlorinated pools. Which is the range we should follow?




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Jun 11, 2018
Verona, MO
An expert may chime in other wise but the acceptable minimum is 7.2. If you seldom have to adjust either TA or PH, your pool likes it there and I wouldn’t mess with it. 😀