Seeking recommendations selecting a timer

Apr 4, 2018
San Antonio, TX
My pool does not currently have a timer. So i plan on adding a pair of mechanical timers and would appreciate any recommendations. It currently has has two light switch style manual switches, one controlling a polaris booster and the other for a pentair pump. The Polaris is a PB4-60 booster pump, 3/4 HP, 230/115V (i believe currently set up for 230V, will confirm today), amps SF 6.4/12.8. The Pentair is a WFDS-24, 1.0 HP, 115V, max amps 14.6/4.7. From reading the guidance on here, my general plan is to set up a mechanical timer to run the primary pump on its low speed maybe 12 hours a day (e.g., 1:00 - 6:00, 11:00 - 17:00). And to use a second mechanical timer to run the booster pump on a subset of those hours (e.g., 12:00 - 17:00). I am considering leaving the current switches in place as a back-up method for manipulating power, and inserting the control panel with mechanical switches somewhere in between the current light-switches and the breaker box. I am currently considering the Intermatic T30401R Control Center (T104M / T101M), to maintain the preexisting voltage set-up for the different pumps, set as above.

Does anyone have any recommendations, is there a better way to do this, do you see any problem with what i'm planning?

As an addendum, i still do not have a great idea of pool volume, but am guessing possibly something like 15,000