Seeking any plans on building a retractable pool cover for 14x34 freeform lagoon pool


Oct 23, 2020
North carolina
Hello, I'm having an inground pool installed. In fact construction started today. This is my First pool so definitely a neophyte. I have been relying on the pool contractor for his guidance. I have two areas I would love to have advice on, including patio dimensions and a wooden/ trek retractable pool cover. First does anyone have plans for building a retractable wood deck over the pool . I need to utilize the space over the pool because of North Carolina's impervious rule (limits amount of cement). We had to reduce pool deck by over 300 fee t to 500 sq ft. The contractor is suggesting 3 to 4 feet on each side and 8 to 10 feet on each end. I'm not sure if this will look ok. The retractable pool cover would provide much needed space for patio furniture.

Thanks for your input.


Mar 23, 2021
Ontario, Canada
My thoughts: 3’ down the side is narrow, I prefer 4’, if you’re concerned about the size of the deck you should consider making your deck larger at only one end (16’) and don’t split the deck between two ends of the pool (10’/10’)

Although not out of the realm of possibility, I can’t imagine a roll away wood or Trex deck being the best solution to this problem. It would likely add $40k-60k to your project...
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