[see pic] Finally root caused my heater problem; does it worth to change the blower?


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Jun 6, 2016
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I’ve finally figured it out why my heater, Pentair MiniMax NT, stopped working. It showed air pressure issue with blower motor running smoothly. I replaced the air switch and motor running cap; no luck. Finally, I decided to dig out the blower and took a look. Then I found out all of the fan blades inside the blower were gone rusted and completely shattered. It was somewhat mind blowing for me to see this as I never opened a gas heater before.

Now, the next question is should I drop in a new blower (~$500) or replace the whole gas heater with a new one (~$2500). The heater is quite old and I would not like to see if something else starts break down after fixing the blower.

I’m attaching a photo of the burner underneath the blower as shown below. There is obvious rust on the burner. Would you think this seems OK for another two years or this degree of rust is not acceptable and requires a replacement as well?




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Jul 21, 2013
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If you get a new heater for $2500 and it lasts 10 years it cost you $250/year.

If you put in a new blower for $500 and you get 2 years before the heat exchanger rusts out it costs you $250/year. If you are a betting man and the heater lasts longer then you won.

Its a wash. With an old heater you will likely have other problems crop up. With a new heater you should have a few trouble free years. Which would you rather deal with?


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Jul 8, 2015
Can you replace just the fan? Check ebay for parts. I found parts to my Sta-rite heater that allowed me to fix it for considerably less than having to buy the larger sub assembly. it was a difference of buying a whole new gas valve for 400 bux or getting a used one for $50 and plucking off the one piece that didn't work on my valve.

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Sep 5, 2008
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The Minimax heater IMO, has always had issues. No guarantee that after you replace the blower, something else wont fail. Your thinking is that if you replace the blower, it will last for two (more) years. The odds are not in your favor with that particular heater.

Do you know how old it is? The age of a heater is something you always have to take into consideration when thinking of either to buy or fix the heater.