Securing Confer Ladder


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Apr 11, 2019
Buffalo, NY
I have a 16' x 48' Intex XTR and a Confer Model 7100X ladder that I would like to secure to the ground. My entire backyard is blacktop, so the pool is set up on foam insulation boards and foam puzzle floor mats. Trouble is, all that foam makes the ladder unstable. I thought about adding sand to the entry side, but that would make the ladder too heavy for me to remove when I need to. I'm thinking about using concrete anchors right through the bottom step, through the foam layers and into the ground. But, wondering if I should use some sort of washer. The previous owner had a metal wall pool and deck on this same blacktop years ago. The deck was bolted into the ground. There are still a couple out there in the blacktop that I can see, so I know it's feasible. Just not sure exactly what to use.

Thanks for any ideas.