Second year with Intext 24x12 AGP-- filter upgrade


May 8, 2020
Last summer was my first experience with pool ownership and maintenance. It was the Intex 24x12x54 above ground pool. It came with the sand filter SF80110-2, which I believe is a 1600GPH pump. It always seemed a bit undersized for the pool. I ended up having to backwash frequently (several times per week).

I am thinking about getting a larger filter/pump for this season. Do you think it would be worthwhile? Any recommendations?


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Jul 3, 2013
Southern OK
I think it would be well worth it to get a little bigger pump, maybe a 2 speed or VS and a much bigger filter will make your life easier :)

The problem you will have is finding a good fit.. most of what you can do will be a custom setup... If your pump and SWG is still working maybe start with a big sand or Cart filter and adopt that into your system until the pump and SWG die then update those as you go :)

here is an 18 or 20 inch sand filter..

here is a 2 speed 1 hp pump

SWG, this is the hard pill, the up front cost is a lot but it will last MUCH longer (like 7 years longer) and work WAY better than what you have now :)
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