Second opening using TFP, couple small questions

First of all, this community is great. I opened the pool with our new house last fall around august (couldn't resist). It had been closed for over a year and was black/green. I got it to crystal clear in about a week using the methods here. This season we had the liner replaced and filled the pool back up and I have been working on balancing the water for last few days and I have a couple questions.

First, the FC level is staying high. The SWG is on 20% and I have reduced the run time quite a bit. FC is staying around 10-12. At first I was running the pump 24/7 because I was adding all the salt/other stuff, but it was always set at 20% (lowest setting). Just tested a min ago with the pump off for about the last 24 hours and it was 10. The solar cover has been on for a few days because I want to get the temp up asap and it's been overcast and cool, so maybe just none of the FC is being consumed? I guess I could take the cover off but I would like to get the temp up lol.

Second, I have been having trouble raising PH. I know CYA lowers PH, but I have been done adding CYA for a few days. PH is holding around 7.0, but today was 7.1 I have added about 4 lbs of baking soda, but now my TA is ~55 and im afraid of overdoing it.

Mainly I'm afraid of harming my new liner, any suggestions are appreciated. Below are latest test numbers.

PH: 7.1
TA: 50-60
CYA: ~80
Salt: 4000

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Let me try to help you with some of those questions. For the elevated FC, it sounds as though you've lowered the percentage about as far as you can go, so simply reduce your pump's run time. Less pumping should = less FC generated. Once it falls down to around 6, that's good. Make sure it never goes below 4 for your SWG pool

As for CYA, it doesn't really lower pH. We use muriatic acid to lower pH. Chlorine tabs, which have some CYA (stabilizer) in them are also acidic, so they can influence pH slightly, but muriatic acid is the best choice to lower pH. But your pH is currently about 7.1 which is getting low. It would be better if it creeped-up over 7.2, more ideally around 7.5 or so. So let it rise or use some aeration (free) to increase pH. If your TA is around 55-60, leave it there for now.

That should do it for now. If you have anymore questions let us know.