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Jun 7, 2018
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I can't be sure what I write here is exactly correct, because I do not want to do the research it would take to find out, for sure. But to me, when I am sometimes referred to, do a search, I think that's great!, because I would rather read what's already out there then to open a thread everytime I had a question. But this is where I have a problem. Hypothetically, and in real life, I want to find out how members here have set up their AGPools pumps, filters, heaters SWG's, and where they have chosen to place these items in relation to their pool. Because I am new and never set up this type of thing before. So how would I enter this into search? I have done searches before and when entered the search engine breaks the words or small description, down into word comma, next word comma, next word comma etc. Then searches for things with these words, not together but separately, so if I were to enter dry ice. It would get broken down to dry
comma ice, then show me things about dry, then the other would be showing me things about ice, but usually not about actual dry ice.


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Jan 17, 2012
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No parenthesis on my part... just commas between keywords. And by using the TFP search feature it tells Google to focus the search on TFP primarily.

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