Searching for replacement leg caps Intex pool


New member
May 27, 2019
Ontario, Canada
Hi. We have a 15’ Intex prism frame pool. One of the leg caps broke and I’m having a horrible time finding a replacement. The only place I’ve been successful is on the intex website but, with shipping to Canada, it will cost me over $50 for 4 caps. (I only need 1 but figured I’d get extra)
Anyone know where I can find these in Canada (southwestern Ontario) or what can be used instead?


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May 18, 2018
Ontario Canada
Have you tried ebay? I am also in SW Ontario. There appear to be lots available on ebay.COM and you will pay for shipping to Canada, but there were options that were cheaper than the $50 you quoted.


May 10, 2018
Columbia, MO
You could also try looking for groups on FB or other platforms that have 3D printers. In my area, it is fairly common to request someone to make replacement pieces with a 3D printer for much cheaper than Ebay or Amazon usually.