Searching for a Perfect Semi Inground


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Jul 10, 2019
Hi Everyone,
Newbie here...Finally gotten on the road to searching for that perfect Semi in-ground Saltwater Pool. Looking for a fair priced GC to help with installation but got some time to spare so I’m seriously considering doing all the work - just hubby & I. I figure we get to save some cash, get some bonding time over the arduous labor under the unforgiving Texas sun???? AND get it done with care.

Our yard is NOT too big so I’m thinking of an
Oval 12*24 with ... maybe a spa attached if I can wrangle it at one end!

Any suggestions on great saltwater semi in ground pool brands? Right now I’m looking the Intrepid Pool
Also, where do folks go to look for handiwork help with such projects?


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Just to point out there is nothing special about a “saltwater” pool. It still uses chlorine to sanitize the water. The source of the chlorine is from the SWG instead of jugs or tablets of chlorine.
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