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Here is a current picture of our backyard. This one is from Spring Break a couple of weeks ago. We heated the pool for the week. You may notice a couple of unidentified swimming objects (USO's) in my pool. One is my son and the other is one of the neighborhood kids. Hey, better they all come to our house than somewhere else right?

I'll post a new one soon when it's not so overcast and cloudy.



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Apr 9, 2007
N.E. South Carolina
Palm trees

Sean, what are the names of the palms you used in the landscaping around your pool? I would love to have a palm planted by my pool, but I'm having trouble deciding. I want a smallish tree palm, maybe 7' to 10' tall, but I don't want one that will get really big or full. I really don't want to shade my pool, I just want to have something to draw the eye away from the back door neighbor's house.