Sealer for coping and decking


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Jun 8, 2013
East Texas
Need current thoughts on resealing our flagstone coping with the stained concrete decking. It is a three year old pool and was sealed by pool builder. We'd like to do it ourself if possible. Is it the same sealer for both surfaces?
Thanks as always and Happy Summer!


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Aug 26, 2016
Berks County, PA
I've often used this stuff with good results. Are you referring to attaching the coping to the decking (and thus need an adhesive)? Are the coping stones loose? Or are you doing more of a waterproof seal in between the two? If the latter, this stuff is fantastic. I've been using it at the end of the season - prior to closing - to seal minor cracks between the tops of my tiles and the underside of the coping. Sika also makes some good construction sealants. I have one here that I believe I used to re-attach one of our walkway stepping stones to the base. Never came loose since. Your local Lowe's or similar will likely have many different types of sealants. Pays to do some research on them and check out reviews. Good luck with it.
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