Seal Kit Identification for Pentair 350097 1.5 HP


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Jan 14, 2022
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I'm so far, unable to identify the correct seal kit for this pump. One site says #78 another says #34 and so on. Many don't say anything. It appears that I'll have to replace the impeller as well since the one end mating to the spring seal is damaged too. Does anyone have any enlightenment as to which are the proper part numbers for these pump parts. So far, the closest I've found are 354545 or 345545S for the seals and 355074 for the impeller. I'm simply not positive and Pentair doesn't state which or what parts are correct. Thanks in advance.

Edit, I did confirm that the kit was a GOKIT78 and the Impeller was indeed 355074. I polished down the damaged edge of the impeller so I might put it back together and try it again, just for the fun of it. Parts ordered regardless.
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Sorry you haven't received a reply. Let's see how your work goes. I was poking around on a couple site, but always go back to the US Seals Mfg. linked below. I see that the Pentair (Pinnacle) Superflo uses the standard 345545S seal, also sometimes referenced to #PS200 (basic). We generally recommend upgrading to the PS-3867 (better quality and longevity). You will also see a seal # PS-1901.

IN any case, I hope the parts arrive soon and resolve your issues. If you have any other questions let us know. Good luck!

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