screw in versus non screw in eyeball fittings in pool


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Jun 24, 2010
I have just had my pool refinished with a quartz/ pebble finish. The refinisher installed regular screw in eyeball fittings in the spa but
used a nonscrew in eyeball fittings in the pool. I have been informed by two (2) leak detection (yes, we had leaks) people, that in order to pressure test the lines, the pool eyeballs will need to be chiseled out as the cement finish is over the eyeballs. Additionally, the leak experts have made a strong case for not using this type of eyeball fitting, ie. future replacement, cracking, something getting
stuck inside and being unable to remove the fitting for easy removal of the stuck item.
The pool refinisher says, these are the newest eyeballs and he installed them because of their preferred look.
Does anyone have any experience with these eyeballs and their correct installation. Were they installed incorrectly?
Any help would be greatly appreciated as the refinisher does not want to chisel them out and repair/replace these and is insisting that
this is unnecessary.


Any chance you can get a picture? Something's not sounding right here.