ScreenLogic2 vs ScreenLogic protocol adapter


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Aug 9, 2020
Is there any difference between the Screenlogic2 protocol adapter brick and the ScreenLogic brick? I'd like to upgrade to ScreenLogic2 and it appears I can just update my ScreenLogic brick without buying a new brick, but I wanted to confirm.

From browsing it looks to me like Pentair just called it a new Screenlogic2 brick to get a new sale.



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Mar 30, 2015
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I thought the actual hardware was the same and it was just a firmware update to go from the SL to the SL2. In any case, here's some info from @Jimrahbe

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Jul 7, 2014
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I do not know if the actual protocol adapter is the same or not, but suspect not.. ScreenLogic is old and had a ton of problems when initially released.. My guess is that it took both hardware and F/W changes to make it work. I have only used the ScreenLogic2 version.

While it is possible to just hard-wire the protocol adapter, it can lead to disaster like it did for me.. My next-door neighbor took a direct lightning strike and I got what was left over. It came in on the hard-wire between the EasyTouch and my house. Took out my EasyTouch, the protocol adapter and everything on the network that was attached to the adapter. I now use the wireless links and have had zero issues..

If you are going to buy ScreenLogic2 you need P/N 522104.

That said, I reread your post and if you already own a Protocol adapter then give it a shot.. Just be aware that you might turn your current brick, into an actual brick.. :mrgreen:


Jim R.
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