Screenlogic2 or IntelliCenter Upgrade??


Sep 11, 2017
Little Elm
I installed my pool back in 2013 with and IntelliTouch controller. I want to get mobile access and tie into my home Automation system, so I'm looking at either adding the Screenlogic2 or upgrading with the Intellicenter upgrade kit. I know the IntelliCenter doesn't currently have an Alexa skill, but that is expected later this year. Setting that aside, it looks like the price difference is about $200ish. My tendency is toward the IntelliCenter, but just wondering if there are any strong opinions here. Also, I've not been able to figure out if my existing wireless controller will work with the IntelliCenter or if I'd need to buy a new one. I appreciate any helo.


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Jul 21, 2013
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ScreenLogic costs around $500. I think the simplist IntelliCenter runs around $1,200 or more.


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Jul 7, 2014
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I am not sure where you are getting a full IntelliCenter upgrade kit for $600 bucks???

I would personally not get either if the main goal is to use your home automation to control the pool.. It is just not worth the effort for what little you get.

I do think it makes sense to upgrade if the main goal is to get computer or phone access to your IntelliTouch.

I have the ScreenLogic kit listed above and love it.. I have looked at the IntelliCenter and can't see any real advantage to upgrading from my EasyTouch to the IntelliCenter..

That said, if I were building a new pool, I would go with the new IntelliCenter for sure.


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Jun 29, 2020
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i got a screenlogic kit for $300 on ebay, good enough for me in the short term. The intellicenter does maybe 1-2% more than the easytouch so they upgrade is simply if you want it rather than utility imo.
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