ScreenLogic won’t connect due to new modem and router (See My Fix...)


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Jun 30, 2020
We recently replaced our modem and router, and all of a sudden our ScreenLogic app wouldn’t connect. I tried every tip I could find on this board....hitting the reset button, updating adapter firmware, resetting IP address....nothing. I called Pentair and the tech verified that there was nothing wrong with the modem/router connection to the adapter, so there must be something wrong with the wireless link or anntena. After restarting both, he concluded that I needed to replace both parts. Went to Pinch a Penny, found out that it would cost me $295! Before I did that, I tried one last thing I read about - to move the wireless link and adapter farther away from my modem/router. Ta da, that worked!! I couldnt believe it was something so simple. The new modems/routers are more powerful and therefore can more easily interrupt the wireless link signal if they are too close. Hope this helps others in this same situation!
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