Screenlogic not connecting; outside antenna went bad; got wet; corrosion

Tom Minahan

Nov 23, 2014
Corona, ca
Had the unit for 3 years and now stopped working; cover always on....
Reset, no luck. Log out/in, no luck
Inside unit has flickering light.
No power light on the "antenna" board outside; there is DC current going there though (confirmed with voltmeter)
Called Pentair and said I need a new antenna (and the matching unit for inside the house, 522620)

Save yourself some money and keep the antenna moisture free (see picture of mine with corrosion)
Shop it for 129.13 with shipping and tax; other places were around $200.



Bronze Supporter
Mar 30, 2015
Chico, CA
ugh, that really stinks.

the big smoke/char line on the rear right side of the board came out of a surface mount ferrite bead (FB801)... it should be able to pass a lot of current, so the wrong part definitely got wet!... probably the also-blackened step-down voltage converter (10-pin chip about 1/2 inch to the left of the burned bead)

Thanks for the pics!