ScreenLogic Interface Wireless Connection Kit


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Apr 5, 2017
Howdy all, I'm pulling the trigger on the screen logic and I'm seeing different wireless connection kits. Zooming in on low res photos, it looks like one (wireless connection kit) is newer than the other. Before I spend a good chunk of cash, I want to ensure the part I should expect for the transceiver base. Can someone who has seen recent retail kits (Pentair Screen Logic Bundle Kit 522104 ) share which version should be expected? (the square wall mount only option, or the wall / surface mount)? Dont want to spend the money on old stock. I've even seen both from user feedback photos on Amazon. I cant find a good image of the "521964" part number.



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Jul 7, 2014
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You want the bundle.. P/N 522104, which comes with the Protocol adapter, plus the two wireless transceivers..

The two pics you show are just different models of the same Indoor transceiver.

Without the protocol adapter, the wireless links are useless.

I have the wall mount unit and it works great.. I bought mine about 3 years ago.. I have no idea which model transceivers comes with the current 522104, although I can't see where it makes any difference.


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