Screenlogic 2 scheduling problems

Apr 23, 2018
New to the forum, sorry if this has been discussed before. I have a brand new Pentair Ultratemp pump and a Pentair EasyTouch PSL4 system. I have tried to set a schedule for my pump and heater/cooler but nothing seems to be working correctly.


1. The original installer did a crappy job and didn't install the solar temp sensor along with some other sloppy work. He set an initial schedule but then a few days later when I tried to modify it I couldn't get it to set a schedule.
2. Had a second person look at it and they installed the solar sensor. The heat pump would now turn on if you manually started the pump but they still couldn't get scheduling to work.

What happens:

1. I can set a schedule either with my phone or computer and when I cycle through the menu on the front panel the schedule is there but then it never turns on, or it turns on and off at random times.

2. I had it set to turn on at 8:30 this morning but it didn't turn on until 10:30 then shut off two hours before it was scheduled to. When I delete all the schedules and try to set a new one it just won't work.

I have updated the firmware and program to 736, both my phone and computer connect okay but I just can't get the schedule to work.

One thing I noticed is that on the Screenlogic ocnfiguration screen there is no OP Manual check box. That option is just missing but the manual shows it should be there. I was trying to check to make sure it wasn't set to manual mode but that option is just not there.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... a great place to find the answers to all your mysterious programing questions... :shark:

Unfortunately, your pool builder did you no favors by installing the "Lite" version of the EasyTouch... It has a very limited number of programs and functions and I suspect that is the issue you are running into.

ScreenLogic may not tell you that you have run out of programming space as it is used on several other automation systems.

I suggest that you clear all your schedules and then enter just one schedule.. Ensure that schedule works and if ok enter your next schedule.. I think you are limited to 4 schedules.. If you changed any egg-timers they also count as a schedules...

You can also post a screenshot of your schedules and I'll be glad to look at it. If you want to just send it to me via e-mail, send me a PM and I'll get back with you.

Here is the basic page I would like to look at...

I had never heard of the OP Manual check box and checked my unit... It does not have the box either and it would not be something that you would use anyway.. It is not the problem. The EasyTouch will only do what you tell it... if it is turning on and off at the wrong times it is because you have set it up to do that.. You might not think so, but you did.. :p

Thanks for posting,

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Jun 7, 2017
I just added ScreenLogic and one thing hat seems to happen with my schedule changes is that if I make a change to a running schedule, it will not take effect until the next day. Example is I just set the schedule stop time later to 11:00 and it turned off at 9:00

I still have not figured out why