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Aug 4, 2010
Central Fl
I'm a newbie here and really enjoy your site. Quick question, how much does a screen affect chlorine usage? I've just started using BBB and my pool looks great because of it! Don't have any real history yet, but it seems that my chlorine level is taking a long time to come down after reaching my shock level of 16 plus.

FC 13
CC 0
pH 7.5
TA 110
CH 370
CYA 50

Pool is probably 6-8 degrees cooler than friends with no screen, so it obviously blocks a good bit of sun.



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Apr 1, 2007
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Most screens have a percentage rating that determines how much sunlight they block.

So if your screen blocks 30% of the sunlight, that might be a good start to assume there would be that much reduction in chlorine usage. That is simply a WAG with no data behind it.

It does seem that the average FC consumption here on the forum with your CYA content is around 2ppm (no swimmer load). You might check your FC loss against that as a guideline but there are still alot of variables to contend with.