Screen Logic Protocol Adaptor NEED HELP!


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Aug 6, 2019
Frisco, Texas
Glad to be here, my name is Jeff.
I just bought a house with a small pool that was installed in 2015. All equipment is Pentair.
My issue is with the Screen Logic system that does not work.
The previous owner left the screen logic protocol adaptor and wireless interface.
When I connected everything to my home network, all the lights worked (red light on PA on and Tx/Rx lights flashing on the wireless interface and also on the antenna).
When I open the screen logic iOS app and try to connect it shows: Searching for system controller.
When connecting using the PC app (as admin on windows 10) the white box is blank. It does not see anything.
I called SL support twice (just to be sure lol), both times they had me hit the reset button 3 times and nothing. They both connected to my PC remotely and using their software they could not see it.
Both concluded the PA needs to be replaced.
I contact the previous owner and they said it worked fine before they moved out.
Without knowing the PA’s ip there is no way to see it on the network. I tried using a network scanner but I see nothing the would indicate a Pentair device.
After reading for hours on TFP I see a lot of issues with PA’s losing communication when the router is changed. I believe this is my issue and do not want to spend $400+ unnecessarily. There must be some way to reboot the PA back to default settings (the 3 resets presses clearly do not work).
Any help would be appreciated.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Did you try entering the adapter's code in the white box.. Something like Pentair: FC-XX-XX.. It is printed on the adapter.

I've always been told to connect the PC and adapter to the same router/switch and as close to the modem as possible.. In my case my PC and adapter are connected directly to the modem itself.

Not sure that will solve your problem, but it is all I got.. :mrgreen:

After having used ScreenLogic for 4 or 5 years, if my adapter died today, I would have a new one here tomorrow. It makes using and programming the ET about 10 x more fun.

Here is a link, just in case you do decide to buy a new adapter.. It would be cheaper to buy a whole new set up... Pentair ScreenLogic Interface and Wireless Connection Kit 522104


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Jan 18, 2016
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If you log into your router, you should be able to get a list of MAC addresses and ip's associated with. The Mac address of your proto adapter is going to be on a sticker on the bottom.
The router should then be able to tell you if the adapter is getting an IP.
Also, your protocol adapter might be too far from your pool control box. Not sure what the distance limitation is on them.