Screen logic issue. Schedule turned on heater this am.


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Jan 18, 2016
Tucson, AZ
I have a pentair screen logic system configured to run a couple schedules, basically to flush lines during the week.
One of my schedules is to run the spa, mon/wed/friday for 5 min, heat control set to off.

This morning im outside and i hear the heater fire up. I run inside and turn on the screen logic and it says the spa is running for its scheduled window with heater on. Yet the schedule is still set for heat control off.

What gives?
Jun 15, 2015
Las Vegas,NV
I have noticed on my ScreenLogic that when I turn on "spa" the heater comes on automatically. Kind of like a default setting with that circuit. I wish it didn't do that as we like to turn on just the jets for the kids without the heater. I keep the set point for the spa lower than the pool temp until we are actually ready to heat it.